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Welcome to TSBC!

Posted by Meaghan Goliday on

I am so happy you landed here. My goal for The Sober Book Club is to connect women and queer folks who are sober or sober curious. We host regular meetings (times and link below!) and plan to organize some fun sober events in the future, definitely online and maybe IRL! I hope that you will find this space safe and inclusive. My goal is to create a community which is not cost-prohibitive and allows people to simply exist and share their experiences.

A little about me:

If we have never met, allow me to do some basic introductions. My name is Meaghan and I have been on my sobriety journey for over 13 years. When I stopped using drugs, I was 23 and fresh out of college. I had used ecstasy, meth, mushrooms, cocaine, and prescription opioids. It was not cute. My journey started the day I met my future husband, September 12, 2008. I continued to use alcohol until November 7th, 2020 (the day the election results were announced and we popped champagne). Since that day, I have been completely alcohol free as well.

I am a language arts teacher with the privilege of working from home. I live with my husband, our son, and my mother, who lives in the bottom half of our home. I recently lost my dad to Parkinson's, compounded by alcohol and narcotic addictions. I experience PTSD symptoms and love my therapist. All this to say: I am not an addiction expert or trained professional. I am a person who has been practicing sobriety through different avenues and communities. I read about it, I meet with other sober people, I've attended AA and NA. I never want to misrepresent myself as an authority, but just as someone who knows that we can't do recovery without people who understand our experiences and love us unconditionally. This space might be a healthy addition to your current regimen or it might be what helps inspire you to go to therapy or seek professional guidance. Whatever brought you here, I am so, genuinely happy you are here. Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions or just to connect!

IG: @the_soberbookclub

Email: thesoberbookclub@gmail.com